Environmental Worship

Environmental Worship

SLI specializes in the design, installation and support of high-quality and affordable custom audio, video, lighting, broadcast and control systems for worship facilities.

Our Design/Build solutions include complete A/V/L systems for new facilities, upgrades for churches that are remodeling or expanding, and even the integration of a single product into an existing system. In all cases, we begin by meeting with you to assess your needs and goals, and then we stay with you through every step of the process – from the initial design and budget planning to the equipment sale, installation, training and support.

We do not sell cookie-cutter church A/V/L systems; our solutions are customized to meet the needs of each unique situation. As dealers, we are able to accommodate nearly every technology request you may have. Moreover, as good stewards of your resources, we are dedicated to finding solutions that are both high quality and affordable. Custom doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Our specialties include:
  • Acoustic Control
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Digital Mixing/Snake Systems
  • Personal Monitor Systems
  • Audio Distribution
  • Multi-Channel Recording
  • Video Presentation Systems
  • Image Magnification
  • HD Video Capture
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Signage
  • Intelligent & Stage Lighting
  • Automated Lighting
  • System Automation & Control
  • Live Streaming & Broadcast

Concept to Completion

When you employ us for a turnkey system, we handle the entire process, from Concept to Completion. Based on your vision, we design a system that is adequate for today’s needs but also dynamic enough to allow for the growth of your ministry. All installation work is performed by skilled, insured SLI technicians with the oversight of an experienced project manager and a 1-year warranty on labor.

What you can expect with every service level:

  • The SLI team meets with appropriate personnel in your church to discuss your vision, ministry style, specific objectives and aesthetic preferences.
  • Based on our discussions and analysis of your needs, we create a Scope of Work document that outlines a plan to meet your goals.
  • When you approve the Scope of Work, we provide a quote including all materials and labor.
  • Upon your acceptance of the proposal with any revisions, we draft a formal contract that defines your project’s work schedule and payment terms.
  • Equipment is ordered and installation begins according to the agreed-upon plan.
  • We provide all progress throughout every stage of your project.
  • After completion, we provide extensive training for all system operators, system manuals, warranty information.

Our Services

offer a full range of AVL services, from design-build to maintenance & aftercare. We work with architects, builders, consultants, facilities managers, IT staff, and home-owners to ensure that your AVL solution is on-time and on-budget.

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Environmental Worship

SLI specializes in the design, installation and support of high-quality and affordable custom...


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